Although spending money needlessly is the last thing homeowners want to do, failing to replace appliances and fixtures when the time comes can be just if not more expensive than renovations. Pay attention to signs like those listed below that suggest the time has come for a new water heater. All appliances include a maximum lifetime but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to replace it well before then. Here are the common signs that you should schedule professional water heater installation in Katy TX.

water heater installation in Katy TX


Condensation at the bottom of the water heater tank is a bad sign and suggests the time to replace the appliance has arrived. This sign suggests that the bottom of the tank is rusting and before long, could erupt and cause a huge mess.

Rusty Water

You also need to reconsider the current water heater in the home if you get rusty water out of the tap even once or now and again. This is yet another sign that condensation or other problems with the tank exist and replacing the unit is almost always the best solution.

Strange Noises

It is safe to say that any appliance needs work when it begins making strange, sudden noises, especially if it is the water heater making those noises. Whether it is a clicking, buzzing, or other noise that you hear, if it comes from the water heater, it is time to replace the unit as soon as possible.


If your water heater is near or older than 8 years old, talk to a professional about newer models that can better suit the hot water needs of your family. Today’s modern water heaters are more efficient and have other features. Most water heaters have about an 8 year lifetime.